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It is not now, and it's not clear why. CDS can be used that way as well, but it is designed also for overnight disinfection and conditioning, so it's closer to a multi-purpose solution but not a full MPS - do not use it in your eye!! Contrary to the manufacturer's instructions below, we do NOT recommend rinsing with water due to the risk of acanthamoeba infection. Please rinse with saline. Place lens in the right chamber of your lens storage case and completely cover the lens with solution. Repeat the procedure with your left lens. Remove the right lens from the lens storage case, and rinse thoroughly as directed by your eye care practitioner.

Apply 2 drops of lubricating and wetting solution such as Optimum WRW to all surfaces of the lens and place the lens in the eye. Repeat the procedure with the left lens. This lens provides crisp clear vision, excellent comfort, and easy handling. Frequent replacement means cleaner lenses and more convenience. This is a good choice for first time contact lens wearers.

This is a good choice for first time contact lens wearers who have astigmatism. Free of irritating dyes, fragrances and oils. Includes one mascara black.

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Contact Lens Timer family. The Timer Pack includes the latest LensAlert! The newest LensAlert! They also have an inside-out indicator - so they go on right the first time and a visibility tint - so you can easily see them in the case and on your finger. These lenses remain clear and comfortable since they are replaced regularly. These lenses are also packaged as Mediflex, Versaflex and Ultraflex. Biomedics 38 contact lenses are precision crafted to ensure consistently sharp vision.

Each box contains 6, week disposable soft contact lenses in buffered saline solution. Opti-Free Supra Clens contains a preservative-free solution containing propylene glycol, sodium borate and highly purified porcine pancreatin enzymes. This presbyopic lens system with 3 ADD powers are designed to successfully fit and smoothly transition you through the different stages of presbyopia so that you can stay in contact lenses longer.

Proclear Compatibles contact lenses utilize unique phosphorylcholine technology developed by Biocompatibles. This technology helps reduce the build up of dirt and deposits and enables the lenses to retain more moisture, allowing you enjoy a full day of comfortable wear. Each box contains 6 monthly disposable soft contact lenses in borate buffered saline solution. This lens is manufactured and distributed by Cooper Vision formerly Biocompatibles.

Aquify Long-Lasting Comfort Drops. Special ingredient behaves like natural tears. Provides unmatched lubrication and moisture retention. Helps remove and prevent protein build-up to ensure that lenses stay fresh. No separate daily cleaner is required. This solution adjusts to your eye's natural tear pH to enhance the wettability and comfort of rigid gas permeable contact lenses upon insertion.

This formula is designed to provide a soothing effect during lens wear. Contain antimicrobial agents which destroy harmful microorganisms germs commonly found on surfaces of lenses.

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O2 OPTIX contacts are so breathable, you can nap in them or even sleep in them for up to six nights extended wear. Your eyes need oxygen to stay healthy and comfortable.

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But soft contact lenses create a barrier to the flow of oxygen between your eyes and the air around them. Cleans, disinfects, stores, wets, and re-wets RGP and hard contact lenses. Renu Rewetting Drops. Ocusoft Eye Make-Up Remover 4 fl. Recommended by eye care professionals for contact lens wearers and individuals with sensitive eyes.

The optical design of Proclear Multi-Focal Toric enables your eye to instinctively find the zone that provides optimal focus. Consumer testing shows that Soflens 59 lenses are preferred for comfort over leading competitive lenses. This lens offers design advances; outstanding comfort and breathability. This is a good bifocal contact lens choice for computer users.

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Each lens is precision crafted to provide exceptionally accurate vision and they are the only daily disposable lenses on the market with UV-Blocking. With approximately 50 million Americans suffering from allergies, many contact lens wearers experience ocular itching and mild discomfort while wearing their lenses. Each box contains 90 daily disposable soft contacts in buffered saline solution. This lens is generally prescribed as a week replacement lens. It has a light green handling tint and has a WJ inversion mark to allow the wearer to determine if it is inverted.

Each box contains 30 daily disposable soft contacts in buffered saline solution.

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Boston Envision contact lenses are an ideal lens choice for visually demanding patients. Ocusoft Hand Soap 8 fl. Contains no oils or perfumes as found in ordinary hand soaps. Renu Sensitive Multi-Purpose 12 fl. ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution is proven safe and effective for soft contact lenses. Unique, sterile formula. Systane for Contacts Soothing Drops. Systane Contacts Lubricant Eye Drops are for use while wearing daily and extended wear soft hydrophilic , RGP silicone acrylate and flourosilicone acrylate and hard contact lenses. Systane Contact Lubricant Eye Drops is a sterile, isotonic, aqueous solution.

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This is the first toric astigmatism correcting contact lens designed for single use daily disposable wear. Stable toric design delivers the convenience of daily disposable wear with excellent comfort and consistent, clear vision day after day. Excellent handling for easy insertion and removal.

source link No lens care hassles. A fresh, new pair of lenses every day. Sterile cleaning, disinfecting and storage solution for use with fluorosilicone acrylate, silicone acrylate rigid gas permeable RGP , and hard contact lenses.