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Duration - 50 mins. This unique traditional Bhutanese bath consists of a bathtub filled with traditional local herbs of Khempa. Relax as local river stones, heated to a fire-hot temperature, are gently released in the soak bath.

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When the stones split on impact with water, it releases essential minerals that help loosen your joints, release muscle tension and help you relax. The herbs work their magic as they complement the experience as an analgesic. Looking for an out of this world experience?

How about an intoxicating bath ritual? Let your journey in Bhutan start with our traditional hot stone bath and let it set a relaxing tone for your trip. This signature Jiva spa treatment takes you on a magical journey in itself as it involves minerals that ease all kinds of tensions, relieves stiffness, revitalizes and re-hydrates your body.

This is followed with a deep exfoliation: an invigorating scrub infused with our essential signature oils and local herbs. The treatment culminates with a massage, transporting you to a state of complete relaxation. Hot Stone Bath With Massage. Initiate your journey with a relaxing treat to your senses. This is truly a great way to soak in the local flavour as this stone bath lets you experience an indigenous way to relax. The traditional Bhutanese bath pampers you, starting with a 1 hour massage of your choice, taking your experience beyond the ordinary.

Ayurveda Therapies. Udvartana is a body toning treatment which involves applying a mixture of herbal powder and oil on the body. This also helps in revitalizing the skin. This therapy is most effective when taken as part of a wellness plan that also includes a suitable diet, regular exercise and intake of herbal medication, as prescribed by our Ayurveda physician. The complete program helps in weight reduction and in attaining a well toned body. Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic procedure of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or other liquids on the forehead. Shirodhara is a classical and well-established Ayurvedic procedure of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or other liquids on the forehead.

This procedure induces a relaxed state of awareness that results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance. Kati Basti.

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Everyday life takes the toll on your upper and lower back. Go back to age old treatments with Jiva where we use ancient techniques to reduce weariness. This therapeutic treatment involves warm signature oil in black gram dough that is placed on the spot of uneasiness. The healing benefits of the oil penetrate through the muscles to reduce stiffness and stress. Finally, you drawn into a deeper state of relaxation with a light massage using the therapeutic oil.

A minimum of 3 Kati Basti sessions are recommended for optimum results. Relief from fatigue in the upper and lower back. Dinacharya including Snana. This program gives you an experience of the physical cleansing process in the dinacharya or daily routine program, wherein each of your senses is carefully looked after. A gateway to the world, our senses connect to the mind and the consciousness, completing the circle of perception. The perception of the sense of smell, taste, form, touch and sound is dependant on the proper functioning of the nose, the tongue, the eyes, the skin and the ears.

This enables removal of phlegm from the respiratory channels thus permitting easy breathing and better perception of the sense of smell. This treatment will strengthen your teeth and gums, and more importantly, improve sensitivity of your taste-buds and freshness in your mouth. It removes excess phlegm and also opens up the sinuses. Also prevents build-up of earwax with this medicated oil.

Abhyanga Shirodhara. The Ayurveda facial is created using natural herbs applied to the face followed by a massage with exotic saffron oil which enriches the skin and removes blemishes. A time honored beauty regimen, this Ayurveda facial cleanses and tones skin leaving it feeling delicate and soft. It includes a medicated face pack enhanced with the goodness of natural herbs followed by massaging the face with exotic saffron oil which enriches the skin and removes blemishes. The process is concluded with a relaxing foot massage that lets the calming experience reverberate all across your body.

Spend a few minutes understanding what your body needs with the help of our experts. Duration - 30 mins. Known to relieve stress and stiffness of joints or back, Pichu involves cotton and linen pads soaked in hot medicated oils placed on sore areas for immediate relief from pain.

A traditional treatment for reducing stress and stiffness of joints or the back, Pichu involves cotton and linen pads soaked in hot medicated oils being placed on sore areas for immediate relief from pain. The medicinal benefits of the soaked pads percolate into the muscles to ease discomfort. This is followed by a rhythmic-stroke massage and a medicated herbal pack to enhance the healing process. A minimum of 3 Pichu sessions are recommended for optimum results. Relief from joints or back pain. Massage with heated herbs, oils, powders and other prescribed materials tied into muslin bags to form boluses.

This is an Ayurvedic procedure where heated herbs, oils, powders and other prescribed materials are tied into muslin bags to form boluses. These bags are then gently massaged with varying degrees of pressue on the body and to relieve the body pain. This is followed by specific massages, done using the fingers, heel of the hand or palm.

To relieve muscle knots and pain. Abhyanga Including snana. More than just a massage, Abhyanga is an experience where medicated herbal oils are generously applied in gentle strokes by the skilled therapists, giving you a healthy body and mind. More than simply a massage, Abhyanga is a therapy where medicated herbal oil is applied in the downward direction using gentle strokes. Regularly soaking the body in this signature oil results in a series of benefits such as healthy appetite, alertness, peaceful sleep and reduced stress. You will find yourself feeling less fatigued, free of muscle aches and enjoy stronger immunity.

The glowing skin is just the cherry on top! Indian Therapies. Around for centuries, this popular Indian head massage is a lavish treatment promoting hair growth and restoring natural glossiness. For the massage, we use our signature blend of time honored ingredients such as Amla, Brahmi, Jatamansi, curry leaves and Neem which are known for their enriching attributes. The treatment helps in discharging muscular tension from the head, neck and shoulders to help you relax and clear your mind. All while adding a natural sheen to your hair. This meticulous method of relieving the body of stress has been mastered by our skilled therapists through special training and is particularly helpful for mobility of joints.

Duration - 60 Minutes. A customised technique of muscle massage performed by specially-trained hands, which works on your deep-seated stress. Experience enhanced mobility of joints and let a deep sense of relief fill you. Indian Aromatherapy. A real treat for your senses, this aromatherapy treatment uses signature essential oils which are massaged onto your body by our skilled therapists. The oils are generously applied on and absorbed by the skin to ensure their relaxing and therapeutic properties are felt throughout the body.

You can choose from our bespoke range of all-natural spa blends. Pada Mardana. A traditional Indian foot massage, Pada Mardana is a transcendent massage therapy for your tired soles. A sublime massage treatment performed on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience. This treatment benefits the entire body by stimulating the reflex zones of the feet. A royal extravagance for weary feet. Prishta Mardana. This signature therapy is the ideal treatment for stress induced shoulders and back ailment and includes a massage, deep cleansing, exfoliation steam and a herbal mask.

The first casualty of a stressful life is the shoulders and back, resulting in pain and tension. This treatment has been created to eliminate stress and bring relief through an ultimate back and deep shoulder massage. Our treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation steam and the application of a herbal mask. Ideal for sore back muscles. Relief from tense shoulder muscles. Indian Aromatherapies. A detoxifying massage with a unique blend of oils with the attributes of Tulsi, Ginger and Lime, this therapy liberates the body of impurities.

Further, when combines with the lymphatic drainage technique, the treatment works from within to cleanse the system of toxins. This refinement process leaves you feeling blissful and recharged.

Chuna kaha milta hai

Orja Dayaka. This signature therapy entails a deep muscular massage to refresh the muscles and re-energize the body using a special oil made from Nagarmotha, Patchouli, Tulsi and Ashwagandha. This signature therapy entails a deep muscular massage that reaches into every deep ache or trapped nerves.

A special oil made from Nagarmotha, Pachouli, Tulsi and Aswagandha soothingly work its magic to create a balanced flow of energy throughout the body. The experience leaves every part of you revived inside out. This Indian therapy entails a full body massage to relax the muscles and rid your mind of any impending stress using a special blend of fragrant signature oil with the goodness of ingredients like Kewda.

Vishram means rest.

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And this Indian therapy ensures just that with its delightfully indulgent full body massage that relaxes and relieves every muscle. The highlight of the experience is the special blend of fragrant signature oil with the goodness of ingredients like Kewda, Frankincense and Brahmi infused in Sandalwood and Sesame.

Our skilled therapist relies on alternating palm and thumb strokes on your sore muscles to help you ease into a state of tranquility and bliss while releasing the body of tension and tiredness. Kunjal Kriya. The act of cleansing the chest, stomach and digestive system with the help of saline water to cure problems like acidity and asthma. Duration - 55 Minutes. This involves the act of cleansing the chest, stomach and digestive system with the help of saline water. The practice of Kunjal Kriya is favorable for curing digestive issues like acidity and chronic problems like asthma while also relieving the mind of stress.

The session concludes with meditation which helps you revive your senses for that overall feeling of wellness. This Yoga journey helps you extract the benefits of traditional processes that can aid the wellness of your body and mind. Duration - 90 Mins. Loss of focus and stressed mind. Experience mental cleansing and relaxation by simply gazing at a candle flame. Experience mental cleansing and relaxation through the practice of gazing at a candle flame with a deep level of intensity.

This practice improves concentration, persuades meditation and is highly suggested for relieving oneself of mental stress, anxiety and depression. Trataka is also recommended to those dealing with insomnia. Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana. Conducted early morning, this treatment helps in cleansing the intestines through intake of saline water and a sequence of asanas alternatively.

This session is conducted early in the morning and helps in cleansing the intestines through intake of saline water and a sequence of asanas alternatively. The amalgamation of drinking saline water and body movements by performing asanas detoxifies the intestines of impurities. A refreshing experience, Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana will help you feel cleansed and recharged for the day ahead. Transport yourself to new heights of relaxation with this ideal yoga session designed to diminish the effects of jet lag. Journey towards your inner rhythm.

This will harmonize your disturbed body rhythm, restore your disturbed sleep, eliminate body aches, fatigue and general disorientation. The session starts with a nasal cleansing technique, soothing facial muscles and stimulating your mind. Special breathing practice Pranayama helps synchronize and re-balance the body, thereby refreshing your system. This is followed by simple postures Asanas , which relieve muscular pain and stiffness and enhance blood circulation. The yoga session ends with meditative sleep Yoga Nidra , that helps in restoring your sleep cycle. This 60 minute session is recommended both prior to and after your travel.

Duration - 60 Mins. This form of exercise releases energy blocks from different body parts to amplify flexibility as well as stimulate circulation. Shatkarmas are cleansing practices that include Jala Neti nasal cleansing , Kunjal cleansing the throat and stomach , Laghoo Shankha Prakshalan cleansing of the alimentary canal. This cleansing aligns are creates harmony amongst the 3 Doshas - Kapha mucus , Pitta bile and Vata wind which are believed to be the three forces of nature and influence various psychological traits of an individual. Shatkarmas are cleansing practices to purify the body; Jal Net nasal cleansing , Kunjal cleansing the throat and stomach , Lagoo Shankha Prakshalan cleansing of the alimentary canal.

These practices affect the Doshas, the three forces of nature in the form of Kapha mucus , Pitta bile and Vata wind that influence various psychological traits of an individual. Jala Neti. This is a traditional Yoga technique that uses saline water to cleanse and purify the nasal passages. This is a traditional Yoga technique of using saline water to cleanse and purify the nasal passages.

The process clears the nasal passages by flushing the nostrils with a special neti pot. The session concludes with pranayama. Jala Neti is known to cure colds and sinusitis, leaving you feeling light and revitalized. Hirdayakasha Dharana. This practice makes you more aware of emotions and helps you express and communicate them.

Combined with Trataka candle flame gazing , this technique is known to relieve mental tension, anxiety and in some cases even depression. Duration - 50 Minutes. This session encourages and guides you to be aware of your heart and the emotions attached to it. Hirdayakasha Dharana understand and analyze your emotions from a detached space using a process called Trataka or candle flame gazing which is a dominant technique used to release stress and tension as well as deal with anxiety and depression.

In the advanced sessions, classic asanas are practiced to achieve mental wellness. These sessions will be concluded with a relaxation exercise. Yoga Nidra. A form of Yogic, relaxation, Yoga Nidra entails a state of consciousness where one oscillates between sleep and being awake. Duration - 25 Minutes. A form of Yogic relaxation, Yoga Nidra entails a state of consciousness where one oscillates between sleep and being awake. You are exposed to inner awareness and brought to a place where you can communicate with the sub conscious and the higher consciousness.

Antar Mouna. An amazing way to focus and find calmness in silence. This session helps you discover the beauty and wonders of inner silence.

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Through meditation, you focus on what your mind is thinking of, its reaction to the thoughts and the accompanying imagery which form from the subconscious. Yoga Nidra Advanced. Designed to emanate positivity, this Vedic retreat of advanced Yoga Nidra offers complete relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. A Yoga technique to control our breathing and as a result, increase the flow of energy within ourselves. Duration - 60mins. This art of managing the intake and outflow of breath strengthens your lungs and helps you learn to find a balance between your nervous and pranic systems.

The session will be concluded with a short relaxing meditation. Advanced Surya Namaskar. Achieve a sense of calmness unlike other with the ancient yoga sequence of sun salutation which is a tribute to the sun, an emblem of spiritual consciousness. Looking for radiance? Look to the most radiant source of all. The sun. Surya Namaskar is the tribute to the sun, an emblem of spiritual consciousness that helps you achieve complete calm so you begin your day on a positive note.

A sequence of 12 dynamic asanas come together to form the effervescent practice of Surya Namaskar. This popular Yoga sequence is one of the most efficient way to stretch and loosen muscles, tone joints and massage internal organs of the body. The session is drawn to an end with pranayama to relax the body.

This session includes asanas of intermediate level which help in loosening and rotating the chief joints of the body. Termed as Pawanmuktasana Part 1, the classes expose you to the benefits of a multiple anti-rheumatic exercises. The session is concluded with a meditation practice which leaves the body and mind feeling relaxed. To improve physical flexibility. Ajapa Japa.

The process is known to be supremely calming and therapeutic for many. This session revolves around the spontaneous repetition of a mantra and brings you to an awareness of your breathing process. The chanting of the mantra soothes the body and mind while bringing a deep sense of calmness. This therapeutic practice, leaves you feeling enriched and refreshed. Jamarosa Root Facial. Green Tea, Jamarosa Root and Ginger in tandem with other rich ingredients come together to offer a therapy that relies only on the wonders of nature.

Say hello to a renewed you. A choice antidote for oily and acne prone skin, the therapy relies on the wonders of our natural hand-made products formulated using vital ingredients such as Green Tea, Jamarosa Root and Ginger. The facial leaves you with a clearer complexion and supple skin. Tulsi Facial. Famed for their healing and rejuvenating powers, Neem, Tulsi and Rose come together in this unique facial that is a relief for dry and dehydrated skin.

This refreshing facial is tailored for dry and dehydrated skin using our exclusive blend of Neem, Tulsi and Rose. The hydrating mask includes our eye wrap and lymphatic drainage massage that leaves your skin with a mesmerizing glow. Champak Facial. The calming treatment also includes our signature eye wrap and lymphatic drainage massage. Shave Studio. Jiva spa offers a range of options for men. Duration - 45mins. Jiva Signature Facial. Anana Lepa. Inspired by traditional homemade recipes passed down from generations in Indian families, Anana Lepa uses ingredients available in any Indian kitchen.

Inspired by traditional homemade recipes passed on for generations in Indian families, Anana Lepa therapy makes use of all natural ingredients from the kitchen. Hast Snana-Manicure.

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Your hands work hard all day, everyday. Give them the ultimate treat with a relaxing session of cleansing and grooming with Hast Snana. Get a touch of the luxurious with our signature spa manicure. It commences with a cleansing process and nail grooming along with an aromatherapy soak to soften hands and cuticles. Then comes the nourishing detoxifying mask to bring back the radiant appearance.

You walk away from the therapy with hands soft as a feather. Pada Snana-Pedicure. The special foot balm made with a blend of Spearmint, Peppermint and Eucalyptus on your feet will be the ultimate relief for your weary soles. Duration - 75 Mins. Relief from feet aches and soreness. Neem Facial. A cleansing ritual that has the goodness of Neem, designed to stimulate and tighten skin. This therapy flushes out toxins, giving you a brighter and younger look. Spa Energizing Facial. An energizing mini facial for all skin types, this facial cleanses, stimulates and tightens the skin for an instantly radiant look.

Duration - 30 Mins. An energizing mini facial for all skin types, this therapy cleanses, stimulates and tightens the skin. It also includes our eye wrap and lymphatic drainage massage. Choose your best ideal hotel from 3 available Hotels in Kankarbagh. Kankarbagh, Lohia Nagar population. Listings of 6 play schools in kankarbagh-patna, patna, Preschools in kankarbagh-patna, patna, Top 5 Preschools in kankarbagh-patna, patna Vision Classes, Kankarbagh, Patna Coaching Institute- Contact number, address, reviews, courses, fees, facilities, batches and results 14 jobs part time kankarbagh patna, all part time kankarbagh patna jobs, part time kankarbagh patna in Mitula Jobs.

Get Name,Phone No. Patna is the second-largest city in Eastern India after Kolkata. An expert in Neurology, Dr. No fees, no placement agency or consultancy. Patna, India. Explore Kankarbagh profile at Times of India for photos, videos and latest news of Kankarbagh. Bollywoods's Macho Man Suniel Shetty is coming to grace the ocassion of launching on 6th December We have 24 properties for sale listed as kankarbagh patna, from just Rs 1,, Choose your best ideal hotel from 42 available Hotels in Kankarbagh Colony More. MGM College. It has an area of sqft. You are viewing Kankarbagh Map!

Kankarbagh is situated in Patna, India. About Goal Institute. Pin code of Kankarbagh is The easiest way to find and book hotels in Kankarbagh Patna is by using the steps given below Rajendra Nagar Terminal, one of city's important and suburb Railway station and the Patna's busiest Railway station Patna Junction is less than a kilometer away from Kankarbagh.

IUI centres in Kankarbagh, Patna does not include any hidden cost that really cut into your profitability. East Ashok Nagar, Kankarbagh population. Appin Patna, Kankarbagh leading information security services protect your business from data breaches, negative publicity, damaged credibility and disruption of services. Cuisines Discovery Montessori Preschool was established in at California and it has been running over 60 years. Patna: Relying heavily on propaganda slogans using colloquial, catchy expressions that is certain to attract rural voters, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is hoping to coast to victory in the next year's state Assembly election with the help of Bharatiya Janata Party BJP that has already declared its support for Kumar's re-election.

The property is available at a price of Rs. Patna district has total 31 Hdfc Bank branch including Kankarbagh. Refer the Directions from kankarbagh to rps public school bari pahari agamkuan patna! If you plan to take on kankarbagh to rps public school bari pahari agamkuan patna distance on your own, you would want to know how much you will be spending on fuel.

We have marked the location of Kankarbagh Bihar on Google map. We provide homeopathic treatment of all old and new ailments for male, female and children. Construction of boundary around pokhar, underground drain and beautification of park in Ward No. Arun in the year of in Patna. Dr Lal PathLabs is a renowned pathology lab for all kinds of diagnostic tests. Find all the transport options for your trip from Patna to Kankarbagh right here. Once Asia's largest colony, [1] [2] is now one of the largest colonies of Asia and population wise it is Asia's second largest colony.

Suman Place A is an ultimate reflection of the urban chic lifestyle located in Kankarbagh, Patna. We are one of the reputed medical and engineering coaching centre in Patna. Gold's Gym, Rajendra Nagar 2. Enroll at Trustudies. Your directions start from Patna Junction.

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Are you dreaming of surprising your treasured one with flower, gifts and cakes delivery in Kankarbagh? Most of the areas are now free from Water Logging. Our vision is to be an integrated global healthcare service provider recognised for integrity, quality of care and health services at affordable cost accessible to all.

Colony, Kankarbagh. CS Prince Kunal Treasurer. Today's era is the era of technology. Aesthetically designed, this property has 2 bathroom S. Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car. Patna is the capital of Bihar state. Properties in Patna. With the advent of this technology, we do all the hours of work in minutes. Other parks in a residential area and funding info on owler, kankarbagh patna's best free dating site. Situated in a prominent locality, it is a year old property, which is in its prime condition.

Second List of Empanelled Builders in P. Kendriya Vidyalaya No. Explanatory Note on Vision Statement KVS envisions itself a world class organization in school education committed to continually empowering teachers to actualize inside out synergy in students and enable them to fulfill futuristic societal, national and global needs and aspirations. Find details regarding location, pricing, specification on Makaan. Welcome to Hotel Orange Inn.

Second Floor, Block-C. We are top commerce coaching institute in Patna from more than 7 years with a strong focus on quality education. Get Best Computer for Sale Desktop price quotes Distributors address, phone numbers, ratings, reviews and Sulekha score instantly to your mobile. All the colleges of Patna and Nalanda districts, Bihar India , fall under the jurisdiction of the Patliputra University except those attached to the Patna University.

Pin code of Kankarbagh Bihar is Read reviews and ratings. Ob, job, job, swiggy is hiring for delivery partner in patna. We are sure that after getting road driving directions from Patna Junction to malahi pakri kankarbagh patna will help you find the route from Patna Junction to malahi pakri kankarbagh patna easier!

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Patna is the largest town and headquarters of Patna district, Patna division and Bihar state. Dinner in Kankarbagh. Doctors in Kankarbagh, Patna. Patna is the second largest city in eastern India after Kolkata. Reinhold Michalak, an M. Today we are living our life in 21st Century. The mission at Discovery Montessori is to provide an safe environment dedicated to the goal of personal development and excellence in education in the Montessori tradition for all children in a home-like environment. Plan your journey today and save big on room rates today.

Hotelier Photos 27 Photos. Postal Pin Code number of yogipur kankarbagh patna, Bihar and Jharkhand. KV Kankarbagh Patna - Alumni. Patliputra University, Patna. Olacabs is a car rental company in Mumbai, Delhi providing cars on hire and taxi services for local, outstation and airport transfers. It had an estimated population of 1. Anisha Bagh Patna Find patna properties for rent at the best price.

Patna St. Mutants Gym offers a wide range of Classes for fitness enthusiasts and of all levels and ages. Narayani Homeopathy clinic by Dr. The flat is on the 1st floor of the building. Process location patna city, danapur, kankarbagh, exhibition. Trustudies also provide free test series and questions to all our students. We have marked the location of Kankarbagh on Google map. After serving in the Industry for nine years he moved into education training and has been motivating, mentoring and guiding students towards prestigious B-schools since Visualizing the pains and problems of cardiac patients and their attendants, Dr.

Kankarbagh is a residential area and neighborhood in Patna that once became popular as the largest colony of Asia. Apply to Job Openings in Patna on Naukri. Enquire Now! Neurologists in Kankarbagh, Patna. Shivam Hospital Patna for Pregnancy and Newborn Services is dedicated to the health and well-being of child-bearing families, from conception through infancy. Patna, Bihar.