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Will be good for people who only care about size. There are lots of benefits to this technology, one of them is darker darks, because it's got better contrast. I think OLED is better. Please do not forget the cashback for Online purchases - 1. I'd check before buying which model they're selling. That's one of my concerns too, along with screen burn and the very thin panel I know it has some give but its really thin! I have the 65" C8 and it is an amazing TV, I am not sure what the negative comments are on Webos, I think it's brilliant!

The Nvidia shield that's control pad won't hold a charge due to software issues? Cool beans. Good stuff. It'll look HUGE when you first get it. A few weeks later it'll seem like 'normal' size. A few months later you'll be looking at the wall the telly is on, thinking "I reckon I could fit a 65" on there" lol. I bought a Hisense 43AUK from them, which had some damage to the frame, and the wrong size screws included for the feet, so couldn't use them.

The price was good though. Cant remember exactly it was from sainsburys using nectar points and staff discount. Still available from argos in various sizes. We have recently purchased the 43 inch version of this for our bed and its excellent with strong sound this surprised me very bright colourfull screen and an excellent user interface. Look and feel of the casing is also strong without the cheapey plastic creaks that signals cheap. Better will no doubt be available for significantly more money of course but this does not look or feel budget at all.


I'd be all over this if wasn't brassic. According to the Samsung site this has the smart remote Depends what the warranty is worth to you I guess. You get what you pair for. Toshiba TVs aren't expensive but the generally do the job. Voted hot. This is a model. The model is U, model is VL5A. The VL5A has superior motion handling, a wider colour gamut, and a more user friendly interface. Probably a good thing.

Android is awful for TVs. Only reason to go for the 7 series is the p5 processor. The panel is identical. Do you get the 6 month Spotify membership through the eBay store? Forgot to add in description. I haven't used it myself so can't confirm it works. This is getting posted a lot on other Curry's listings.

Yeah Richer Sounds is a good place to get high end sets for that reason, 6 years as standard is pretty awesome. Touche on the remote btw, I thought the other model had a standard one. Personally I'd rather have the peace of mind 6 year warranty not to mention the excellent customer service at RS, something Currys PC World are not exactly reknowned for. Also, remote looks pretty much the same to me, bar the silver sheen I think this model is mainly worth it for the remote.

Crazy that this is cheaper than the 49" version. I'm hoping we'll see a good price for the 49" around black friday. All the major TV manufacturers sell 4K TVs and you will find the clarity of image and detail gives you the type of audio visual experience at home that you only ever dreamed about. The 4K screen resolution is 3, x 2, pixels which gives a total of 8 million pixels. That's four times the pixels provided by a Full HD television set. This is still an emerging technology and some users feel the image and viewing quality provided by a top of the range pixel TV is better than they received from a new 4K set, this could be due to purchasing an entry level model with poor image processor capabilities.

When you buy 4K TV with powerful processing capabilities you will enjoy 4K picture quality at all times. The picture quality is near cinematic, hardly surprising given that this technology is used for cinematography. These televisions give approximately four times the image quality of standard pixel HD TVs. This is now starting to become mainstream technology and is now available on smaller TV screens at much cheaper prices.

4K Ultra HD TV

Once you decide to opt for a 4K TV you'll need to spend time researching the different available models. Most 4K TVs are on the large side, with inch screens or above. A screen of this size is so viewers can appreciate the finer image and detail fully, watching shows on 4K TVs with a smaller screen size would not give you the full advantages of this new technology. Sports fans will be particularly impressed by these televisions and the high quality and smooth and sleek image, and motion displayed. BT Sport has already introduced a 4K sport channel so sports fans get the crisp image and viewer experience they desire.

You can opt for a flat panel or curved screen 4K TV, this will likely depend on manufacturer and model you choose. Manufacturers are pushing for more consumers to buy curved screens as they say it is a far better viewing experience. This is the immersion technology argument, whereby viewers watching a slightly curved TV screen feel more involved as the images wrap around peripheral vision.

It is true to say that watching curved screen does give this feeling, allowing you to feel as if you almost watching in 3D. Some manufacturers, for example Samsung, enhance this by increasing the image depth enhancement. The slightly curved screen also gives viewers the sensation they are watching in wider screen. Other arguments for buying a curved screen TV include better contrast effects and that this type of screen is better suited to the rounded shape of the human eye.

Black Friday TV deals What to expect from 4K TVs | PC Gamer

Another valid argument for curved screens is that their design looks fantastic in any interior, particularly when they are on stands. There are several arguments against curved screens, including the fact that increased reflections on the screen mean interior lighting will probably need to be reviewed. Some critics argue that the curved screen actually reduces viewing abilities, and it's true that the best place to benefit from the immersive experience can only be when you're sitting directly opposite the centre of the screen.

Not many living areas will allow everybody to sit in this position.

It's also been suggested that the real benefits of screens of this nature can only be experienced with TVs offering screens of 70 inches or more. From an interior design aesthetic, curved screens really don't hang on the wall as well as flat screens and the higher price tag for curved screen TVs may be hard for many people to justify.

HDR is commonly used terminology within digital camera use, and photographers using HDR mode find that it provides greater brightness and ultimately, more luminous images. The contrasts between light and shade are much more pronounced in HDR mode. This mode allows you to look into dusky or shadowy depths on the screen and actually pick out some of the shapes and forms within the darkness, while the added brightness gives far more life and energy. With AI Smart technology and an unbeatable picture, get a cinematic picture from the comfort of your home.

However, for a spare room or bedroom, a 40in effort is a decent bet. Related: Best 4K TVs. There are a multitude of different operating systems being used on TVs at the moment, each of which features very different user interfaces varying features. HDR is another important consideration as it can take your viewing experience to a whole new level. HDR TVs earn their street cred by having a much greater colour spectrum to delve into over their 4K-only cousins. Those additional colours create a higher level of contrast which becomes apparent the second you lay your eyes on a HDR-enabled screen.

A plethora of companies have been quick to jump on the HDR bandwagon, utilising the extra oomph in their latest products. Needless to say, the image quality is a massive step up from standard Full HD content. In the world of gaming, the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro make full use of HDR technology to make their games pop in a way that true audio-visual purists have been clamouring for.

Related: What is HDR? The issue is, not all manufacturers are being entirely honest with their use of HDR branding. As TVs get thinner, sound quality is often sacrificed. So as TVs become more razor-thin, sound quality often takes a hit. Some TVs still sound better than others, and some manufacturers have gotten clever with how they deliver sound. Certain Sony Bravia screens use the entire display as a speaker, for instance.

Otherwise, if you really care about sound quality, check out our Best Soundbar Deals page for some top bargains to go with your cheap TV. Even, so this is a fantastic deal on a inch screen. While the overall quality won't match the likes of LG and Samsung for sure this is an unbeatable price if you're simply after a huge TV on a budget.

This was way over a grand not so long ago. All this and there's a voice-activated Google Assistant built in too. Sony's Triluminous display is capable of bright true-to-life colours that put the Bravia line back on top today, especially with such a massive cut on the price. This is the latest in the Philips PUS line too. Not found the right cheap TV for you today?

Or maybe you'd prefer to directly browse the offers at your favourite retailers instead of our highlights of the best cheap TV deals? We're updating this page on a regular basis, so you may have better luck another day. If you want to take a look for yourself now though, here are the direct links to a the full collection of TV sales at multiple stores. If you're after more seriously large TV deals, we should warn you, they don't come cheap. Next Up.

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